Ph.D. Student

Ivan Bukreyev

I received the dual B.S. degree in electrical and computer engineering and physics from the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA, in 2013.

My current research focuses on long-range low-BER synchronization for IoT nodes using peer-to-peer communication. In particular, I’m aiming to augment Bluetooth LE radios with a novel hardware accelerator to enable efficient multi-hop network communication. My past research areas include analog circuits and computer architecture co-design approach to reconfigurable switched-capacitor voltage regulators for embedded processors.

I was born in Yekaterinburg, which is located in the Ural mountains, the dividing line between Europe and Asia. I later moved to Tampa, Florida as a teenager and then attended the University of Florida. I graduated with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Since then, I have been working on my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University. Outside of research, I like to study languages. I am fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish, and proficient in Japanese.