Patent Filed

Method and Apparatus for localized synchronization detection & retention and Transceiver design for PCO based UWB Impulse Radio and network”, filed October 2008 by R.K. Dokania, X. Y. Wang and A. B. Apsel.

Patent Approved

Method and Apparatus for Event Detection, Propagation & Localization with immediate neighborhood validation using UWB impulse Radios”, by R.K. Dokania, X. Y. Wang, C. Dorta-Quinones, W. Godycki and A. B. Apsel. It was filed March 2010.    

Paper published

Rajeev Dokania, Xiao Wang, Siddharth Tallur and Prof. Apsel recently published “An ultra low power impulse radio for body-area-networks” in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I. Find it here.