Enkhbayasgalan Gantsog

Gantsog picPh.D. Student

Enkhbayasgalan (Bye-sah) Gantsog

Enkhbayasgalan Gantsog received his B.S in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University with the Highest Honors in 2011. He joined Apsel Lab in 2012 and his research interests include mixed signal circuit design.

Gantsog R2Specifically, he is working on pulse coupled oscillator based circuit that enables synchronization of peer to peer radio devices for allowing local discovery and long-range low-power communication. As the number of connected devices grow with the maturing of Internet of Things, peer to peer communication has important role in alleviating frequency spectrum crowding, protecting privacy and reducing infrastructure dependent vulnerability in natural disaster situations. He has also built an on-chip jitter measurement circuit for high speed clock signals. It allows calibration and tuning of control parameters of the clocking related components for improved performance without the need for expensive off-chip measurement devices, considerably simplifying mass testing of the chips.